The Czech Republic has proposed to permanently ban the issuance of visas to Russians

The Czech Republic has proposed to permanently ban the issuance of visas to Russians

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic proposed to the Czech government to extend for an unlimited period the temporary ban on the issuance of visas and residence permits in the republic to citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus.

The Foreign Ministry considered this measure justified in the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. If the proposed step is approved, the ban will not be in force until March 31, 2024, but until the Czech authorities order its lifting.

An exception will be citizens of other countries who already have a residence permit in the Czech Republic; they are not subject to the regulation. The ban also does not apply to applications for short-term visas if the applicant is a family member of a Czech citizen or an EU citizen whom he is accompanying or following.

Finally, the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the right to issue individual permits for residence permits in the country if it considers that this is in the national interest.

Previously it was reported that Russians can get a visa to EU countries it became easier. There is warming at the level of ordinary citizens, the Russian representative office in Brussels said on condition of anonymity. They confirmed that this has already affected the state of tourism.

At the same time, the Lithuanian government will extended entry restrictions and stay in the country for citizens of Russia and Belarus. Currently, a visa to enter the country can only be issued for exceptional reasons. Also, Russians will not be able to purchase housing in the Baltic state or obtain electronic resident status.

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