Russian attack aircraft captured five young Kiev residents

Russian attack aircraft captured five young Kiev residents

The Black Mamba assault squad, taking part in a special military operation, reported on its Telegram channel that the unit’s fighters captured six Ukrainian soldiers.

As noted in the publication, one of those captured was a 53-year-old man, and five turned out to be young Kiev residents aged 21 to 23 years. This can be considered a rather unusual circumstance, since the Ukrainians themselves say that mostly older people from the outback get into the army.

The Russian military said that the prisoners introduced themselves as “cooks and mechanics” and said that they did not want to fight. “But you should have seen what these little devils were doing and how they moved on the battlefield,” noted representatives of the Black Mamba. In addition, Russian soldiers said that they saw a swastika embossed on the prisoners’ chests, and “neo-Nazi chevrons and other trash” were also removed from their uniforms.

Russian military personnel handed over the prisoners to the exchange fund.

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