The best ladies' man in the country: the return of Alexander Vasiliev

And I thought I wouldn't see him at all. You say: no person - no problem (well, not you, okay, we had one Eastern sage in history). On television, it's a little different: no program - no person. Sasha Vasiliev no longer has a program. But the man, as it turned out, is. Alive, healthy, even a little well-fed. And thank God.

He appeared with Sati in "Non Boring Classics" on "Culture". But his "Fashionable sentence" on the First ordered to live long. No wonder this is happening now. Update in the yard, have you noticed? Either Sasha's project seemed too vulgar to someone at the present time, or a dissenting opinion written with a pen on what happened to the Motherland and to us backfired on him.

But he is not Urgant, he is different. Tell me: how can such a harmless person, a cutie with a smile that does not leave his face, not be allowed on TV? And they let him in - to the whole state holding VGTRK. It's just a holiday!

Of course, "Fashionable Sentence" was watched by a specific audience. Mostly women, 50+. Of course, Sasha had a lot of exalted fans who followed him around the cities and villages, ready to kiss the sand on which he walked. Of course, Sasha is the best ladies' man in the country (hussars, shut up!), perfectly understanding, feeling all the twists and turns of the female mood in the context of high (and not so) fashion. Yes, he is somewhat reminiscent of the Duke in “The Same Munchausen”: “Me? Single breasted uniform? You know that no one fights in a single-breasted one!” Bravo, Gorin, bravo, Zakharov, bravo, Armored.

...But let's get back to Sasha. So, he appeared at Sati's in "Non Boring Classics" on "Culture" - and made this program. Because Sasha is really the best fashion connoisseur today, so bright and so intelligent. They discussed female prims in various fields of art: Plisetskaya, Vishnevskaya, Maksimova, Obraztsova, Zykina, Voronets, and Sasha found warm, unbanal words about each. He could talk about any of them for hours (the format did not allow), he knew all their female secrets, tastes, whims both in character and in clothes. I said "lady's man" and you didn't believe me.

Sasha, how glad I am that you are back! Yes, I'm bored. Don't leave anymore. And there, perhaps, the "Fashionable Sentence" will return. Why not, who did he interfere with? I promise I will watch. Even though I'm not a woman.

Let's drink to love!

"Hi Andrew!" - there is such a program on Rossiya-1. But it's a song, yes, in the literal sense. You ask - whose? You are still asking! Igor Nikolaev, of course.

In "Hi, Andrey!" Igor Nikolaev came and celebrated his birthday (by the way, “Birthday” is also his song). Yes, a sad holiday, well, what can you do.

The date is not round, do not worry (when it is round, you will be informed), only 63. It looks like a cucumber, like a musketeer, although almost all the amateur brilliant artists sitting at the table with him looked older than him, but uttered the sacramental phrase: “We grew up on your songs.

Who hasn't grown up? After all, even in the shaggy Andropov 83rd, Alla Borisovna sang "Iceberg" and "Tell me, birds", and away we go. He, Nikolaev, made the Kyiv girl Natasha Poryvai from head to toe, who became Koroleva with his light hand. Moreover, he married her, but who knew then that the Dolphin and the Mermaid were not a couple, not a couple, not a couple. And Irina Allegrova, who became No. 1 in the late 80s, topped all the charts (including the main one, in MK), owes all the best in herself to Nikolaev and his songs.

And Igor Sklyar? No matter what he played, even “We are from jazz”, but everyone remembered the Nikolaev song “For a week before the second”, first sung at the New Year's finale in “What? Where? When?", and then on

"Song of the Year-85".

It was a creative report (God, what official Soviet words) of a composer and poet, and it became clear how much joy, happiness and light sadness this man gave to our people, from heart to heart, what a balm he prepared for the Russian soul. The first 10 years it was generally something unimaginable: what hits, hits, like no one else, like nothing, what a melody! And then he became like everyone else, but this “like everyone else” was enough to remain one of the best in Russian show business.

But what about the musicians themselves? They divided into groups. There is a new officialdom, state artists, you can’t drive up to them on a crooked goat, they have firmly fit into the politics of the party and the state. You look at them, and from behind grow ... no, not wings, shoulder straps.

There are those who left. For fundamental reasons.

And there are those who have gone into their work. Yes, he was silent, but he did not stain himself with anything. Here Igor Nikolaev is one of them.

Listening to his songs is just happiness, especially now, in our difficult time. They are kind of warm. Thanks to Malakhov for inviting Igor and arranged this for all of us.

Yes, the date is not round, but why wait. "Cry for him while he's alive." I cried.

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