Talyzina felt sorry for Pugacheva: “An emigrant who cannot learn a single language”

Talyzina felt sorry for Pugacheva: “An emigrant who cannot learn a single language”

The People's Artist felt sad for the artists who left Russia: “They are just fools!”

The star of “The Irony of Fate”, popular Soviet and Russian actress Valentina Talyzina, spoke about her health and shared her experiences. The actress admitted that she felt sorry for the artists who left because of the law that limits their rights.

Let us remind you that on January 21, the day before her birthday, the famous actress Valentina Talyzina was admitted to the hospital. Then the people's favorite complained of lung problems. The actress's condition was quickly restored to normal. At the end of January, Valentina Talyzina was discharged from the hospital, where she spent two weeks. Now Valentina Illarionovna is preparing for scheduled performances at her native Mossovet theater.

– Now the Duma is preparing a law against artists who have left – they are going to be deprived of their titles and the opportunity to earn money in Russia. And the amazing thing is that I felt sorry for them simply as people who were very, very wrong. They allowed themselves to say this, now they will pay for it all their lives,” actress Valentina Talyzina shares with MK. “Here they had spiritual life, but there they won’t have it.” Even if they are paid some kind of benefit, they will eke out a miserable existence. And not even in material terms.

And whether they ask for forgiveness or not, whether they have enough soul for it - this is the second and not the most important thing. The main thing is that they are just fools!

– Have you changed your attitude towards Alla Pugacheva?

– I haven’t changed. She was a wonderful artist, but now she is an emigrant who cannot learn a single language. And he won’t teach. She will drag out a very miserable existence, even if she has something to eat and drink. She already understood this herself. Whether she will ask for forgiveness or not is another question.

– When do you plan to return to the stage?

- I'm already rehearsing. I will perform all scheduled performances at the Mossovet Theater.

The next performance with the participation of Valentina Talyzina on the stage of the Mossovet Theater will take place on February 13: “Wolves and Sheep” is a kind of benefit performance for Valentina Talyzina, who plays the role of Meropia Davydovna Murzavetskaya in it. On February 15, the People's Artist will play Countess Anna Fedotovna in the play “The Queen of Spades” on the same stage.

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