Step back: what is the reason for SKA’s defeat to Avtomobilist

Step back: what is the reason for SKA’s defeat to Avtomobilist


The playoffs for the St. Petersburg team ended at the quarterfinal stage, after the army team from the Neva suffered a fourth defeat from Avtomobilist. “MK in St. Petersburg” asked the experts what prevented the St. Petersburg hockey players from overtaking their opponents and continuing to fight for the trophy, which the team last won in 2017.

At a press conference after the last match for SKA head coach of the army team from the Neva Roman Rotenberg stated that the team was prevented from advancing to the next round by numerous player injuries. According to the coach, SKA could finish the series with a victory. Rotenberg thanked the fans for their tremendous support and added that the team has enormous potential, which it will definitely realize in the future.

What will hockey expert analysts say? After all, the team, in fact, took a step back. I went for the Gagarin Cup, but lost to Avtomobilist, which, by the way, reached the semi-finals of the tournament for the first time in history.

Analyzing the series between SKA and Avtomobilist, former head coach of the Russian national team Vladimir Pluschev noted that Nikolai Zavarukhin’s team was more organized and disciplined.

“They moved away less, made the right conclusions and chose the right tactics. The CSKA team from the Neva played all the matches in the same way, and “Avto” adapted to this system. It was enough to show a straightforward game, but the St. Petersburg players showed energy-consuming hockey.”– said Plushchev.

The specialist added: the army team played the third period of the fifth match of the series “infantilely.” “They probably thought it was all over for them when they took the lead. The opponent caught them being overconfident.”noted the speaker.

Plyushchev believes that SKA could not afford to underestimate the opponent, because there are no weak teams in the playoffs.

“SKA’s tactics simply did not correspond to those that could bring success,” — summed up the former head coach of the national team.

I rated SKA’s season a solid B author of the blog “Ice Squad” Egor Bortnikov.

“Yes, the team did not take the coveted Cup. But, as you know, Moscow was not built right away, and neither was St. Petersburg. There were many positive moments in the season, and we need to build on them in the future. What is the most powerful series of six victories over CSKA worth! When did this happen? Was it? Don’t forget the fact that the team was updated by almost 70 percent in the off-season,” – Bortnikov said.

The expert recalled: the army team started the season with failure, but then picked up the pace and made the fans fall in love with their bright and uncompromising play.

“The team joined the fight for the Continental Cup, which continued until the last round. But it was just a little bit short… The team is young and capable of further growth and progress, so it’s quite good for the first season. We believe in great success”said the blogger.

Explaining the team’s failure in the series with Avtomobilist, Bortnikov noted that Rotenberg’s team lost to itself. The opponent turned out to be ruthless and showed an exorbitant level of implementation.

“Before my eyes is an example of 2019, when the best players went to the World Cup team. Kucherov, Ovechkin, and Malkin were there, and Vasilevsky was in goal. We assembled a squad that could easily go to the Olympics, but we did not pass Finland, which stood like a “bus” at its gates. This shows how difficult it is to play against teams that choose this style of play. It is no coincidence that the team that scored the first goal won the match in the SKA-Avto series,” – Bortnikov said.

The fight for the Gagarin Cup continues. Unfortunately, without the St. Petersburg team. SKA fans can only believe in the army team and wait for the start of the next season.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 15 dated April 3, 2024

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