SRZP plans to become a “Fair Russia” again – Kommersant

SRZP plans to become a “Fair Russia” again – Kommersant

The party “A Just Russia - Patriots - For Truth” plans to return its historical name, as well as abolish the institution of co-chairmanship. This was reported "Vedomosti" citing sources close to the party. A representative of Sergei Mironov called information about possible changes rumors.

As it became known, former leaders of “Patriots of Russia” Gennady Semigin and “For Truth” Zakhar Prilepin may lose their positions in the party. Such personnel changes, according to the source, began to be discussed at the end of 2023. It is noted that the reason was low ratings in the regions, which, according to Chairman Sergei Mironov, were influenced, among other things, by “ultra-patriotic forces.” However, according to the newspaper’s source, there is no talk of a “rollback to social democratic origins” yet.

Also, such a decision may be caused by a conflict in the Voronezh regional office. According to the source, in January the question arose about the removal of State Duma deputy Dmitry Kuznetsov, who was previously a member of the For Truth party. An interlocutor close to Zakhar Prilepin said that such rumors are spread by “that part of the old Socialist Revolutionaries who do not like the agenda of a special military operation.” In his opinion, they are trying “by hook or by crook to get rid of patriots and bright representatives of the patriotic agenda that are inconvenient for them and their assets and connections in unfriendly countries.”

In February 2021, the A Just Russia party officially merged with the Patriots of Russia and For Truth parties. The party changed its name, logo and chose co-chairs.

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Alexandra Goroshilova

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