Since the beginning of the year, prices in Russia have increased by 1.87% – Kommersant

Since the beginning of the year, prices in Russia have increased by 1.87% – Kommersant


Weekly inflation in Russia from March 26 to April 1 was 0.1%; since the beginning of the year, prices have increased by 1.87%, reported Rosstat. At the rate Ministry of Economic Development, inflation also amounted to 0.1%. The rate of price growth in annual terms amounted to 7.62%.

According to Rosstat, in the food products segment, the prices that rose the most were beets (+2.6%), carrots (+2.2%) and apples (1.1%). Also, prices for lamb and granulated sugar increased – by 1%, margarine – by 0.9%, beef and wheat flour – by 0.4%. Prices for vegetables decreased, mainly for cucumbers – by 4.8%.

In the segment of non-food products, prices for medicines increased: Corvalol (+0.7%), multivitamins (+0.6%) and ergoferon (+0.5%). Prices for matches, toilet soap and toothbrushes increased by 0.3%. Prices for diapers for newborns (-0.6%), baby diapers (-0.4%) and toilet paper (-0.2%) decreased.

In the service sector, prices for travel on a city bus have changed; on average in Russia they increased by 0.5%. The average cost of vouchers to sanatoriums increased by 0.6%, for hotel accommodation – 0.5%. Car wash prices increased by 0.4%. The average cost of air travel decreased by 0.1%.

During the week from March 19 to March 25, annual inflation in Russia rose to 7.61% from 7.58% the week before. Weekly inflation amounted to 0.11%. According to the forecast of the Bank of Russia, taking into account the current monetary policy, annual inflation in 2024 will drop to 4–4.5% and will remain close to 4% in the future. The Central Bank expects annual inflation to peak in the second quarter.

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