Scientists have found out which blood type women give birth to geniuses

Scientists have found out which blood type women give birth to geniuses

And what kind of athletes?

Geneticists from Stanford University (USA) published the results of a new study in the field of child intellectual abilities. Scientists have concluded that 70 percent of children's abilities depend on the genes passed on to them by their mother. The set of certain qualities depends on the woman’s blood type.

Thus, mothers with the first blood group give birth to the most intellectually developed children. This is due to the fact that women with this set of genes find it most difficult to get pregnant. Difficulties with conception lead to the selection of better quality embryos. A child born from a woman with the first blood group has a great chance of becoming a genius and being ahead in development of his peers.

The descendants of women of the first group have several more advantages. Children born from such mothers have stronger immunity. This happens because this group was formed in an unfavorable climate. This blood belongs to the “hunters” who inhabited our planet 60 thousand years BC during the era of Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. The descendants of ancient people, according to scientists, are better at natural selection.

But women with a different set of genes should not be upset. Mothers with the fourth group most often give birth to athletes. This blood is considered the youngest and rarest.

The offspring of mothers with the third blood group are more creatively developed and sensual. From such women great artists and poets are born.

In any case, genes are not a death sentence, geneticists note. Any qualities, especially intelligence, can be developed. Training the ability to concentrate and developing self-control also play an important role in the formation of high intelligence in children.

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