Russian hacker reveals living conditions in American prison

Russian hacker reveals living conditions in American prison

A former hacker from Russia spoke about living conditions in a US prison

Mice lived in the cells of an American prison. This was told by the former Russian hacker Pyotr Severa Levashov, who served his sentence in Spain and the USA. He spoke about the conditions of stay in foreign prisons in an interview with the Passions portal.

According to the Russian, in the USA there is nothing to clean up the dirt in the cells; there are mice, one of which even once jumped on his face in his sleep.

The hacker also noted that there are fights in American prisons, since people are in a confined space there, and other “unpleasant things” happen.

According to Levashov, he liked it better in Spain. In a European prison, prisoners had more freedom. Thus, they were allowed to smoke anywhere, wear jewelry, as well as wear their own clothes and take walks for up to five hours a day.

Previously in Moscow escorts were caught helping a crime boss Shishkan.

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