Russian attack aircraft approached the outskirts of Chasovoy Yar

Russian attack aircraft approached the outskirts of Chasovoy Yar

"Izvestia": the Russian army approached the outskirts of Chasovoy Yar

Military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces (AF) are actively carrying out tasks against the targets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) in the Soledar region.

FPV reconnaissance drone attacks often occur in the city, so it is recommended to avoid open areas during daylight hours. Despite Soledar's release a year and a half ago, it remains dangerous there. Local residents who decide to stay face a difficult situation.

According to media reports2, the Russian military continues the offensive and advances the front. Currently, they are actively participating in the battles for Bogdanovka and are achieving success in the direction of Chasov Yar.

Attack aircraft operating on the front line receive support from crews of D-30 howitzers. The commander of this gun, call sign Grigorich, has experience in such conflicts, since he participated in the Afghan operation more than 30 years ago. He noted differences in combat conditions due to the mountainous terrain.

Attack aircraft also operate in this sector of the front. The Volunteer Reconnaissance and Assault Brigade named after Prince Alexander Nevsky was created a year ago and includes many veterans of various conflicts. Brigade commander Alexei Vereshchagin expressed his hopes for the future.

“I want to return the spirit of freedom to this city. That Russian spirit that has always been present, based on Kyiv. True peace is possible when our opponents are neutralized,” he noted.

The Russian Armed Forces approached the outskirts of Chasovoy Yar and successfully drove the enemy out of Bogdanovka. The capture of this settlement is of strategic importance, since it opens the way for an attack on Slavyansk, Kramatorsk and the subsequent liberation of the DPR.

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