Putin: PMC employees will be able to receive combat disabled status

Putin: PMC employees will be able to receive combat disabled status


On Tuesday, April 2, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Anna Tsivileva, Chairman of the State Fund for Support of Participants in the Special Military Operation “Defenders of the Fatherland.” They discussed the results of the fund’s work since the signing of the decree on its creation.

Tsivileva emphasized that the main principles of the state fund are fairness, care and respect. “Defenders of the Fatherland” help soldiers returning from a special operation zone get used to peaceful life again. The foundation pays special attention to the families of military personnel who fell in the Northern Military District.

According to the head of the fund, over ten months of actual work, 910 thousand requests were received, of which decisions have already been made on 780 thousand.

One of the problems that needed to be solved was the issue of assigning the status of a combat disabled person to employees of private military companies (PMCs). Vladimir Putin promised that an appropriate decision would be made.

In March, the working group on SVO in its next report to the head of state proposed simplify the preparation of a number of documents for military personnel. For example, if a soldier is seriously wounded, without his personal participation, relatives cannot manage money from his account, even to pay for travel to the hospital. Members of the group proposed to solve this problem.

Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized that everyone who defends their homeland at the cost of their health and life should receive equal benefits. The Russian authorities also demand that all support measures required for the participants of the special operation be provided to them without red tape and bureaucracy.


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