Putin announced the transition to a new wage system for public sector employees in 2027

Putin announced the transition to a new wage system for public sector employees in 2027


Russian President Vladimir Putin said that in 2025, a pilot transition to a sectoral system of remuneration for public sector workers will be launched in several regions. The president did not specify which regions he was talking about. According to him, at the beginning of 2027 this system will extend to public sector employees throughout the country, the press service reports. Kremlin from the XII Congress of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Russian Federation (FNPR).

“The government has instructions that as early as next year, within the framework of pilot projects in the regions, to develop a new model of remuneration for public sector employees, including workers in education, health care, culture and science,” the president said. He emphasized the need to achieve income growth for public sector workers and eliminate wage gaps in different regions.

The sectoral wage system implies the creation of uniform rules for the entire country on the formation of wages for workers in a particular industry. Initially, they wanted to work out the new system for remuneration of medical workers in 2022 in the Belgorod, Kurgan, Omsk, Orenburg, Tambov regions, the Republic of Sakha and Sevastopol. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor expected that the new rules would lead to an increase in earnings for healthcare workers. On July 6, 2022, the project was suspended until January 1, 2025.

How the government is discussing a new national project for the labor market of the Russian Federation – in the material “Personnel are promised socially useful work”.

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