“On this day, all establishments are always packed” - Kommersant FM

“On this day, all establishments are always packed” - Kommersant FM

The capital's restaurants are preparing for Valentine's Day. As Kommersant FM found out, most of the places in the establishments have already been booked. Moreover, they began to be occupied in January. Many restaurants have prepared a musical program and a special menu.

How do restaurants prepare for Valentine's Day? Is it still possible to reserve a table? “Kommersant FM” asked the owners and employees of the capital’s establishments about this.

Co-owner of the chain of sea food bars “Honest Fish” Natalya Dmitrenko: “From year to year we have stable demand, everything is already occupied on February 14, there are only morning places left for those who want to have breakfast. In principle, we are always fully booked two or three days before the holiday. Guests begin to take their places in January, since their number is quite limited. In addition, we offer our clients delivery sets with aphrodisiacs - oysters, crabs, shrimp and sushi. We always prepare a special menu for February 14th. This year we made a seafood skillet for two in a creamy garlic sauce.”

Founder of the Chinese News restaurant chain Stanislav Lisichenko: “Of course, establishments are preparing for this day. In order to get on the agenda, they come up with special promotions, dishes, and menus. All this is really happening. Specifically, in our restaurant there are special red dumplings with crab, in which the color symbolizes the color of feelings and love. The number of lovers from year to year is approximately the same; I can’t say that some years are outstanding, while others are the opposite.”

Restaurateur Alexander Sysoev: “This year, establishments focused on desserts; they offer treats in the shape of hearts or in the form of funny, kind characters that evoke positive emotions in everyone. In addition, a number of places produce dishes for two, that is, basically everything that can be shared between a couple of lovers. From the point of view of the rush, on this day all the restaurants are always packed, because so many people who do not go to such establishments at usual times try to reserve tables on Valentine’s Day.”

White Rabbit Restaurant Representative: “We are fully booked. Unfortunately, there are no free tables. There are currently two seats at the communal table. We booked more than a month in advance, two weeks already full reservation for this date. But plus/minus, someone could have canceled it, but these were isolated cases.”

As follows from a survey by the Superjob portal, every eighth Russian plans to celebrate Valentine's Day. For comparison, in 2009, about 40% of residents celebrated it.

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Dennis Bespalov

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