Mishustin concluded his communication with deputies with a meeting with “New People”

Mishustin concluded his communication with deputies with a meeting with “New People”

Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Monday held the final meeting before his report in the State Duma with representatives of Duma factions, talking at the White House with deputies from the New People party. The head of government praised the guests for their active support of entrepreneurship and educational projects. The leader of the party and faction, Alexei Nechaev, responded to the prime minister in kind, and in the main part of the speech he called not to overdo it with regulation in the field of intelligence - for now, however, only artificial.

The first key example of government cooperation specifically with the “New People” faction (from whose work the prime minister, despite its small number, diplomatically expects the same effect as from the initiatives of larger parliamentary associations), Mikhail Mishustin outlined joint participation in the preparation of the budget for 2024 and the next two years. “You promoted various proposals to support entrepreneurship and create conditions for the development of private initiative in Russia,” the head of government praised the oppositionists. “Which, by the way, is reflected in the amendments that were presented for the second reading.”

At the same time, Mr. Mishustin emphasized the faction’s activity in supporting projects to modernize new regions and help local businesses, industry development in general and domestic tourism in particular (the head of the relevant Duma committee Sangadzhi Tarbaev received special mention here), as well as educational and research initiatives. “Such support is a real investment in the future successes of domestic industry, science and education,” the prime minister said, simultaneously noting Alexei Nechaev’s personnel project to support the entrepreneurial initiative “I’m in.” “Such thoughtful, understandable tools and a detailed development plan could only be offered by someone who himself has already walked this path and now, relying on his experience and best practices, helps young people take their first steps as entrepreneurs,” explained Mikhail Mishustin.

Alexey Nechaev himself also immediately noted the need to continue supporting “responsible, future-oriented entrepreneurs,” recalling last year’s parliamentary hearings on the problems of small and medium-sized businesses with the participation of Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov. “More than 30 entrepreneurs spoke and asked questions. This is a format that people still remember, there is feedback,” the deputy assured. “And it is very important that all this was then included in the road map, and it is clear that we are moving along this road map.” Among other initiatives related to the same “map,” Mr. Nechaev mentioned the faction’s bills on increasing the thresholds of damage for economic crimes, tax incentives for venture investments and measures to support businesses in border areas.

Speaking about the key “strategic priorities”, the leader of the “New People” specifically focused on two of them - robotization of industry (the politician expressed confidence that by 2030 Russia will be among the 25 leading countries in the number of industrial robots) and the development of artificial intelligence. With the latter, everything is not bad in the country, says Alexey Nechaev, although there are some subtleties here. “What I see: there are more and more calls to regulate this area! — the party member complained. — That is, not only to the communists Davankov (Vladislav Davankov, vice-speaker of the Duma and ex-presidential candidate from the New People.— “Kommersant”) I don’t like it, but artificial intelligence sometimes also makes me wary. So let’s take a closer look here.”

National companies in the IT field “understand all the risks” and behave responsibly, therefore in Russia we should go by creating “more space for experiments,” Mr. Nechaev passionately argued: “This is not an area where we need to mess with regulation now!” “Why would anyone want to regulate everything? — the politician was perplexed. “Maybe some deputies are afraid that they will not be needed if artificial intelligence is introduced?” Our faction is not afraid of this, I think the government is not afraid either.”

Summarizing what was said, the leader of the “New People” thanked the government for its active cooperation. “Our faction is in the State Duma for the first time, so we had to learn a lot,” he admitted. “This is only half of our term: we hope that this cooperation will continue to develop well.”

Answering questions from Kommersant following the meeting with the prime minister, the faction’s press service once again noted that the government is successfully working “in all areas” necessary for the development of the country, including new technologies, small and medium-sized businesses, and education. And just in case, they repeated that “a ban on the use of artificial intelligence is a dead end.” “Restrictions will not scare fraudsters, and innovative entrepreneurs will transfer startups to other countries,” party members warn.

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The State Duma is waiting for the re-establishment of the Ministry of Nationalities and the Federal Migration Service

The head of the State Duma Committee on Nationalities Affairs Gennady Semigin (“A Just Russia - For Truth”) predicts the re-establishment of the Ministry of National Policy in Russia (existed in the 1990s) and advocates the restoration of the Federal Migration Service (abolished in 2016, powers transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs). Mr. Semigin expressed this and other initiatives at a press conference on Monday.

The national theme has again become especially relevant in connection with the recent terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, one of the main goals of which, the deputy is sure, was to incite interethnic and interfaith hatred in Russia. This poses a number of specific tasks for the Russian authorities in the field of migration control, the head of the committee explained, for example, it is necessary to maintain databases of migrants with their brief biography, introduce biometric control and tests for knowledge of the Russian language, and also require new arrivals to open a bank account for income in Russia .

To implement these measures, it is necessary to develop a package of regulatory bills and update the National Policy Concept, said Gennady Semigin: “The most important thing is who will do it. We propose to recreate the Federal Migration Service, which will deal with all issues of migration policy. It is necessary to create a Ministry of National Policy, and I think that it will be created.” The revived FMS, according to the deputy, should be subordinated to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the newly established Ministry of Nationalities or “someone directly, for example, the Prime Minister.”

Mr. Semigin also admitted that anti-migrant sentiments are “strong and growing” in Russian society, since “the state does not regulate” the migration process, and the newcomers themselves “behave provocatively.” “The number of crimes is growing, it is impossible to adapt: ​​complete anarchy,” complained the head of the relevant committee. “Of course, with elements of some kind of state action, they cannot be denied.” If the situation does not change, then it will be very difficult to “retain citizens,” the deputy warned: “If this happens, we will get a colossal interethnic conflict, which is what the West is striving for together with Ukraine.”

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