“Military Thought” described the scenario of a possible attack on Russia – Kommersant

“Military Thought” described the scenario of a possible attack on Russia – Kommersant

The magazine “Military Thought” published by the Ministry of Defense published material about the intention of “foreign specialists” to create military formations of a new type - “joint operational formations” (JOF). According to the authors of the article - Colonels E.A. Linnik and V.I. Stuchinsky - the creation of such formations “expands the system of threats to the Russian Federation militarily.”

According to the material, the United Nations Front will conduct systematic “potentially aggressive actions” in order to “control the development of the situation, project power, indicate presence and prevent escalation on unfavorable terms.” The article does not specify which countries experts from are considering the creation of a PA.

According to the authors, the most expected forms of use of OOF are air-ground and sea campaigns. The article notes that the OOF campaigns will begin with air offensive operations consisting of "a rapid global strike and several massive missile and air strikes." From 2030, operations will develop into aerospace operations, and subsequently into space-air operations.

“It should be noted that the combat-ready combat and numerical strength of the peacetime United Front can be up to 50-70% of the composition intended to perform tasks during the conflict,” the article says.

According to the authors, due to the threat of the creation of the United Nations Front, it is necessary to increase the role of the aerospace forces (VKS) in the overall structure of ensuring the security of Russia. In particular, we are talking about equipping the Russian Aerospace Forces with modernized aircraft and UAVs, as well as reconnaissance support.

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