Mikhail Kravets: “By winning back, Avangard did everything right”

Mikhail Kravets: “By winning back, Avangard did everything right”

In Omsk on February 8 in the KHL championship "Avangard" won "Sibir" 7:2. The head coach of our team, Mikhail Kravets, assessed the results of the meeting.

As the specialist emphasized, when it was necessary to win back, his hockey players did everything right.

“We expected the game to be difficult, and it turned out that way. Everyone saw what a start it was. This unexpected goal at the start... I am glad that our goalkeeper played very well after that, it was not an easy situation for him. But the guys also suffered, they added a second period, the second goal they conceded also, it seems, was not very pleasant. Everyone did everything right, but there are goals like the first goal: an accident, the second - an accident. After such goals, you need to pull yourself together, not become limp, but move on towards your goal, which is what the guys did,” - Kravets spoke out.

And he added: all 4 lines and the goalkeeper improved their game, earned the majority, the field players scored goals and, in general, the 5x5 ratio also played quite well.

Kravets also answered questions from MK in Omsk about how he decided to stage Ilya Reinhardt (we previously brought assessment of the meeting from this player) to the third link, and what is the share in the success of the game of Avangard itself in the third period.

“In principle, we make all such decisions on the composition together. So this was the general decision of the headquarters. And Ilya showed himself very well and played with dignity.

He created the third goal and scored a very good one himself on a set-up. And overall he showed good hockey. I hope he can play like this consistently.

I can explain the game in the third period this way: after the second, I asked them to spend more effort in the third, because it would be easier to play. Because if we switched to some kind of self-preservation, then the opponent would most likely create more chances, and we would have had penalties, he would have earned them. And so there were a couple of gross mistakes of our own - that’s all,” - the mentor explained.

Next, Avangard will play in Ufa on February 13 against Salavat Yulaev.

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