Macron criticized for inviting chief rabbi to Elysee Palace

Macron criticized for inviting chief rabbi to Elysee Palace

The invitation of France's Chief Rabbi Chaim Corsia to the Elysee Palace has sparked criticism of President Emmanuel Macron. He was invited to the residence of the French President on the occasion of Hanukkah, where he lit the first candle in honor of the beginning of the holiday.

Local politicians criticized the decision of the head of state, since he “violated the principle of secularism” prescribed in the 1905 law, which provided for the separation of church and state.

Manuel Bompard, the coordinator of the left-wing party “Unbowed France,” called Macron’s act an “unforgivable political mistake,” while another MP, Alexis Cobiere, described the event as a “dangerous spiral.”

“It is not appropriate for the president of the Soviet state to do this. That's why his predecessors didn't do this. Does Macron intend to make such gestures towards all other religions? Or yes to some, but no to others?” the deputy wrote on social networks?

Earlier, during a telephone conversation, Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Emmanuel Macron supported the principle "two states for two peoples"which can help resolve the conflict in the Middle East.

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