Loza explained why the Earth is definitely “flat”

Loza explained why the Earth is definitely “flat”


Yuri Loza gave Korchevnikov arguments in favor of the “flat Earth theory”

Singer Yuri Loza, visiting TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov, gave an explanation of why he believes in the “flat Earth” theory. I noticed the program with the artist channel Ksenia Sobchak, who periodically monitors the situation in the studio of the patriotic presenter.

The host of the program showed the globe to the author of “The Little Raft” and reminded him that there is one on almost every school desk.

“You never know what stands above every desk,” Loza retorted.

He further gave arguments in defense of his position. Firstly, Loza stated, “rivers do not flow on a spherical surface.” Secondly, he noted, “there is not a single planetarium that would present <...> that something is supposedly attracted to something.”

“Everything is attached to sticks, strings or a dome…” the singer added.

He also said that “planes fly on maps of a flat Earth, ships sail on maps of a flat Earth, and the UN emblem is a map of a flat Earth.”

As a final argument, Loza suggested turning to the beliefs of thinkers of the past.

“The people who made the map of the starry sky, who built magnificent buildings called the Parthenon, the Colosseum <...> This is Aristotle, Plato, there, Confucius <...> They all believed in a flat Earth – I don’t want to argue with them,” Loza concluded.


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