It became known how a dog saved a five-year-old boy from certain death in the forest

It became known how a dog saved a five-year-old boy from certain death in the forest


The search continued for a day

A terrible story with a happy ending happened in the Primorsky Territory. A five-year-old boy from the village of Khrustalnoye went for a walk with his dog. The settlement is located surrounded by forests. The child was wandering around the edge of the forest, but, having started playing, he found himself in the middle of tall trees. It was unclear where to go. A faithful dog of the purebred mongrel breed was nearby, but he could not find his way back. The boy and the dog circled through the forest, going deeper and deeper into the bowl.

The incident happened on April 2. On this day in Primorye, the forecast temperature was +1, but due to the piercing wind it felt like -4. The child left home wearing a light jacket, so he had virtually no chance of being saved.

– He had a phone with him. He was able to call his parents, but could not explain where he was,” a resident of the village told MK.

After an unsuccessful attempt to trace the call, investigators asked the parents to provide the baby’s personal belongings. Thanks to them, the service dogs picked up the trail. The search for the missing continued throughout the night. Investigators said the child was found the next day. He was lying on the ground with his dog next to him. It was the warmth of the animal that helped the baby survive.

Rescuers carried the child out of the forest in their arms. He was exhausted. The dog ran nearby. All local residents, as well as special services, took part in the search for the five-year-old child.

– Doctors diagnosed hypothermia. He is currently hospitalized and is receiving medical care, says the Primorye Investigative Committee on the condition of the young resident of Khrustalny.

– As a child, I read a book in which a trained poodle saved his owner from the cold. This is exactly the same case, only it happened in real life,” a resident of the village of Khrustalny told MK. – We are glad that such a faithful dog lives in our village.

The regional department of the Investigative Committee decided to nominate all active residents of the village who participated in saving the child for an award.


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