In Russia, about 4 million people suffer from mental illness - Kommersant

In Russia, about 4 million people suffer from mental illness - Kommersant

General Director of the Serbsky National Medical Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology Svetlana Shport said that in Russia about 4 million people suffer from mental disorders. In total, almost a billion people in the world have been diagnosed with such diagnoses.

“In the Russian Federation, the number of people suffering from mental disorders does not reach 4 million. These are all mental illnesses. Among them, two-thirds are disorders, including depression, anxiety disorders and other disorders that we pay attention to,” Ms. Shport said at the Future Technologies Forum (quoted by "Interfax").

The General Director of the National Medical Research Center clarified that 970 million people worldwide suffer from mental illness, of which about 300 million suffer from anxiety disorders, and another 280 million suffer from depressive disorders. According to her, these statistics do not include people who have developed mental disorders due to coronavirus.

Among children, the number of recorded cases of anxiety disorders is 58 million, depressive disorders - 23 million. Svetlana Shport noted that people with depressive disorders have a greater risk of developing dementia in the future.

In July 2023, new rules for the provision of psychiatric care came into force in Russia. According to them, medical and psychological support rooms should open in clinics, and you can contact a psychologist as part of compulsory medical insurance. They also regulate the work of sexologists - they will provide assistance to people suffering from “mental disorders associated with sexual development and orientation” and “gender identity disorders.”

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