In Poland they decided to dissolve the Sejm commission on “Russian influence”

In Poland they decided to dissolve the Sejm commission on “Russian influence”

Representatives of the opposition, which has a parliamentary majority in the Sejm (the lower house of the Polish parliament), are ready to vote for the dissolution of the state commission on “Russian influence”. Polish media reported this on Wednesday, November 29.

According to, the initiative to dissolve the commission on “Russian influence” was made by the general secretary of the opposition party “Civic Platform” Marcin Kerwiński.

The opposition's dissatisfaction with this commission is caused by the fact that its members were approved by the previous composition of the Seimas, the majority of which belonged to the Law and Justice party.

Relations between Russia and Poland continue to deteriorate amid the ongoing hostile actions of Warsaw. The Polish authorities initiated amendments to the legislation, according to which diplomats who "subject to Russian influence", could limit the right to hold public positions related to the state budget and classified data for 10 years. Only after the European Union appealed to the court due to infringement of the rights of the opposition, the document was softened.

Russian Foreign Ministry Speaker Maria Zakharova noted the dominance of Russophobic sentiments in Poland. At the same time, she emphasized that the Polish authorities have repeatedly participated in regime changes in Ukraine and are interested in illegal migration, although Russia is blamed for this.

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