HC "OrelGU" dropped to eighth place after losing to Smolensk

HC "OrelGU" dropped to eighth place after losing to Smolensk

The OrelGU HC team faced setbacks on its ice while hosting students from the Smolensk State University of Sports in the next round of the Student Hockey League. Details about this were provided by the official information portal of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Oryol Region “ProSport57”.

In the first match, the Oryol team were able to open the scoring thanks to the efforts of Efim Lazarev, but then conceded four goals. The only return goal from Damir Shchegolev saved the team from a crushing defeat, the final score was 2:4 in favor of Smolensk.

The return match was also unsuccessful for the Oryol team. Smolensk students won an impressive “dry” victory with a score of 3:0.

All this affected the team’s place in the Student Hockey League table. The Oryol team dropped to eighth place, but they still have a chance for the playoffs.

The next games of the OrelGU HC team will be held in Kaliningrad, where they will compete with the student leader “West of Russia”. These matches will be an important test for the Oryol team and a chance to show what they are capable of in a foreign arena.

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