Group Bi-2 announced the cancellation of the concert in Dubai – Kommersant

Group Bi-2 announced the cancellation of the concert in Dubai – Kommersant

The concert of the Russian rock band Bi-2 in Dubai, which was supposed to take place on February 17, has been cancelled. This is reported on the group’s pages in "In contact with". The reasons for the cancellation of the concert are not stated.

“Unfortunately, the Bi-2 concert planned for February 17 in Dubai will not take place,” the group said. The money for tickets will be automatically refunded by the Platinumlist ticket service in the coming days. It is noted that the cancellation of the concert in Dubai “will not affect other concerts on the tour schedule.”

January 24 members of the Bi-2 group detained after a concert in Phuket, Thailand. Initially, the reason for the detention was the lack of a work permit. At the same time, according to the musicians, the police accused them of violating the rules of the concert.

Afterwards, the organizers of the concerts in Thailand reported that the detention was due to incorrect visa processing, for which the company, not the artists, was to blame. Later than all group members deported to Israel. The head of the Thai Ministry of Internal Affairs, Panpri Phitthanukara, said that musicians cannot be deported to Russia because they may be subject to political persecution.” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, commenting on the decision of the Thai authorities, said that “nobody needs problems that may arise with people sponsoring terrorism.”

On January 27, comedian Maxim Galkin (recognized as a foreign agent) announced a ban on entry to Bali. Maria Zakharova spokethat the entry ban is related to a letter from the Russian government.

Read more in the Kommersant FM article. “Foreign agent artists are looking for the “hand of the Kremlin””.

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