Gourmet everyday life – Style

Gourmet everyday life – Style

Korean garden

An intimate (49 seats, including a VIP room for 10 people) restaurant of Korean and Pan-Asian cuisine, Biwon, opened on Pogodinskaya Street. The restaurant has occupied the niche of fine dining and is designed for a discerning audience. The ironed tablecloths are not white, as is usually customary, but echo the color of the pink walls. The name Biwon itself refers to the mysterious Biwon Garden, created by King Sejong in the 15th century at Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul. But you won’t find any authentic Asian details here, except for the backs of the chairs, reminiscent of the curved roofs of pagodas.

Sitting at one of the tables, decorated with exotic flowers, you can watch sushi and sashimi being prepared in the open kitchen. Egyptian chef Mido Mustafa knows how to work with fresh fish. He trained in Korea and Hong Kong, and in Moscow he worked at the Pescatore restaurant, where he learned well the tastes of the capricious local public. Mido's cuisine is spicy not because the focus is on Asia (specifically, Korea, as well as Thailand, Singapore, China and Japan), but because it is his already recognizable style.

The menu features plenty of classic sashimi. One of the rare ones is with trumpet, served on crushed ice in a sauce of fresh lemongrass, lime, and olive oil. Large selection of sushi: on rice at the right temperature with seared salmon; with premium Wagyu beef, also lightly charred, with chilli tartare; with sea bass and crushed pressed mullet caviar (bottarga); with northern shrimp topped with its own caviar. As for the rolls, there is the Korean traditional “gimbap” with crab meat, cabbage, generously sprinkled with sriracha sauce. Of course, the menu will not be complete without Korean kimchi cabbage, which can be ordered in the classic style (very spicy) or less spicy - “cabbage a la kimchi” (white cabbage is used).

Other cold appetizers include salmon carpaccio with fermented tomato water and Korean beef tartare with pear. Among the soups, we note the classic Korean soup “yukkejang” in beef broth, slightly spicy, with “glass” noodles, which are prepared on the spot. For main course - classic tempura fritto misto: seafood in thin airy breading with sauces based on homemade mayonnaise. Also good are “takbokki” - traditional Korean rice dumplings with pieces of salmon in gochujang sauce and beef rib, which is marinated for a day, then cooked sous vide and served with Asian barbecue sauce. The last dish will surely attract a male audience. The desserts, where two cultures meet: Asian spice and Italian sweetness from pastry chef Carmine Di Donna from Naples, deserve close attention.

Pogodinskaya street, building 2

Every day, from 12:00 to 00:00

Celebrating Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, the “My Fish” restaurants will have an offer for the “Aphrodisiac” set. It will include two Maak oysters, trout rolls, salmon tartare, scallop carpaccio, tuna sushi and two sea urchins. Set price - 2990 rub.

1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, building 21

Slavyanskaya Square, building 2

One of the most spectacular French confectioneries in Moscow, Atelier de Tartelettes, has prepared several types of tartlets and cookies. Cherry-Almond tartlet - in the form of a red box, Lemon Cheesecake tartlet with crunch and lemon-based jam, Green Tea - Brown Rice - Plum tartlet with green tea cream, brown rice cupcake. French biscuit "madeleine" - heart-shaped with two different flavors.

Spiridonievsky lane, house 10A, building 1

From February 14 to 18, at Eno bistro in Skolkovo you can order a special themed dessert - an elegant “box” of pink chocolate Ruby and receive a gift in the form of a gift certificate for Htoy jewelry.

Novaya street, building 100, stroinik 5

At the Grand Cafe "Chanuar" the chef has prepared a special set that can only be ordered on February 14th. It will include dishes of Russian-French cuisine: oyster, foie gras tartlet, turnip cabbage rolls with crab, grilled scallop, Paris Brest cake. At 19.00 you will receive musical accompaniment from the cover band Elen at les garcons.

Tverskoy Boulevard, 26

Dinner starts at 19:00

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