Fox News: Americans should follow Putin's example

Fox News: Americans should follow Putin's example

Russian President Vladimir Putin demonstrated his superiority over White House President Joe Biden by pointing out to American audiences the importance of national identity. Fox News host Greg Gutfeld announced this during his show.

He noted that Putin confidently operates with historical facts, while the American president seems to be experiencing difficulties. "Old Vlad rattles off historical facts again and again, <...> while our president is falling apart in real time,” the journalist noted.

Gutfeld highlighted the stark contrast between the two leaders and mocked Western media, which he believes are underestimating Putin and hiding the truth about Biden's condition. He also noted that during a period of national division in the United States, it is especially important to pay attention to the interview with the Russian president.

“Putin is only worried about how important national identity is. <...> It became obvious that we should too,” concluded Gatfeld.

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