Evgeny Ufimtsev was elected President of the All-Russian Union of Insurers

General Meeting of the All-Russian Union of Insurers (VSS) Evgeny Ufimtsev approved to the presidency of the union. Mr. Ufimtsev was the only candidate for this position, so the decision was made unanimously.

The presidiums of the National Union of Liability Insurers (NULI) and the Russian Union of Auto Insurers (RUA) also recommended Yevgeny Ufimtsev for the presidency, the press service of the ARIA reported. General meetings of organizations will be held on November 28.

As the press service of the ARIA clarifies, Mr. Ufimtsev has been working in the insurance industry since 1994. In September 1997, he became director of the Khabarovsk branch of OJSC Military Insurance Company (VSK). Since January 2015, he has been the Executive Director of the Russian Union of Motor Insurers, and since February 2016, he has also been the Vice President of the VSS.

On August 22, Air Force President Igor Yurgens announced on resignation, he served in this position for more than ten years. Since the position of the President of the ARIA has a cross-cutting status, in which positions in the RSA and the NUSO are combined, Mr. Yurgens also left these posts. October 25 Presidium of the ACC put forward to the post of president of the organization Evgeny Ufimtsev.

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