Dima Bilan made a statement about Donbass after a trip to the Northern Military District zone

Dima Bilan made a statement about Donbass after a trip to the Northern Military District zone

The singer called for visiting new regions of Russia to form his opinion about what is happening

Dima Bilan never hid his patriotic views. The singer actively helped residents of new regions of our country and military personnel participating in the special operation. He helped secretly, without advertising his help publicly. It was this circumstance, as they say in the party, that helped him avoid a boycott after a brief appearance at a naked party. Now Bilan calls for visiting new regions of the country. He made this statement backstage at the festive concert.

Not long ago, Bilan again visited the Donbass on a charity mission. He visited a children's center in Gorlovka and met with soldiers who are on the front line. And I didn’t forget about the center for homeless animals. Bilan especially liked the black cat, who immediately began to lick him. Dima, without thinking twice, took the animal to Moscow.

It’s still not easy for Dima to talk about his trip to the DPR. At a concert dedicated to the upcoming International Women's Day, MK correspondents asked him about his emotions after visiting Donbass. Bilan called on all concerned to visit new regions of Russia.

“You can take it, go and see what and how is happening there,” says Dima. - So you will make your evaluative opinion. I advise everyone: go. And you will see everything with your own eyes.

Bilan also spoke about an unusual method of healing. It turned out that the singer, in order to stay fit and energetic, regularly stands on pins and needles.

“For those who had a barefoot childhood, like me, it’s normal, it doesn’t hurt,” says the artist. - It is very useful. If there are ailments in the body, you should definitely check your legs. Legs are the basis of the body. A lot comes from them. A whole philosophy can be developed about this. So take care of your feet.

Dima Bilan recovers while standing on pins and needles: video

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