“Crushing pigs”: Medvedev told what to do with Ukraine

“Crushing pigs”: Medvedev told what to do with Ukraine


Medvedev spoke about the “discussion on recognizing Ukraine as a terrorist state”

Deputy head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that he “had a discussion” on the topic “whether it’s time to recognize the so-called former Ukraine as a terrorist state at the international level.”

The former President of the Russian Federation presented his arguments within the framework of the designated discussion on Telegram and noted that he considers such measures unnecessary, because “Ukraine is already a terrorist state” and because the current leadership of Ukraine will never “be tried in some stinking ICC.”

“What should we do? Just chop up Bandera’s pigs,” Medvedev said.

He clarified that the leaders should be eliminated separately when the opportunity arises <...> In Kyiv or in another suitable place.”


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