Brazil's national football team failed to qualify for the Olympics

Brazil's national football team failed to qualify for the Olympics

The Brazilian national football team lost to Argentina in the final stage of the qualifying tournament for the 2024 Olympic Games. Team Brazil has won the previous two Olympic tournaments (2016, 2021).

The game between Brazil and Argentina took place in Caracas. Argentina won 1:0. Luciano Gondo scored a goal in the 78th minute. Today there was also a match between the national teams of Paraguay and Venezuela. The game ended with a score of 2:0. The goals were scored by Diego Gomez (48th minute, from the penalty spot) and Marcelo Perez (75).

The Paraguayan team with seven points is in first place in the standings. Argentina is in second place with five points. Both teams qualified for the Olympic Games. Brazil's team took third place with three points, Venezuela's team took fourth place with one point.

The Argentina national team will play at the Olympics for the tenth time - it has won gold medals twice. Paraguay's team qualified for the third time - it has not competed at the Olympics since 2004.

The qualification method depends on the sport and is determined by the international federations. Some sports, such as shooting and taekwondo, have quotas for National Olympic Committees that depend on the performance of individual athletes. In team sports, countries qualify after winning World Championships and continental competitions, or qualifying tournaments at the continental or world level.

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