“Attentive, responsible”: judges revealed the character of the likely future chairman of the Supreme Court

“Attentive, responsible”: judges revealed the character of the likely future chairman of the Supreme Court

Irina Podnosova took on the most complex criminal cases

Interesting details have come to light in the biography of Irina Podnosova, whose candidacy for the post of Chairman of the Supreme Court was supported on April 1 by both the Supreme Court and the Council of Judges. MK also learned how her colleagues feel about the possible future head of the highest judicial body.

Leningrad judges consider Podnosova a significant person for the entire judicial system. She went through all the steps of the career ladder, starting from the bottom, while in recent years she has been in leadership positions. For a long time she was the chairman of the Luga City Court, considering “the most terrible and most complex cases.” At the same time, when other female judges said that it was difficult for them to consider cases of brutal murders, she took such cases into proceedings. People considered her the people's judge, as she often ruled in favor of ordinary citizens when it came to their disputes with the authorities. Then Podnosova became deputy chairman for criminal cases, and later chairman of the Leningrad Regional Court.

Podnosova is described as an attentive and responsible person who never allowed herself to be rude, although many of her statements were sometimes very harsh.

Having become the chairman of the 2nd Court of Appeal of General Jurisdiction, Podnosova achieved a complete renovation of all premises and put the entire judicial system in order, for which the judges were especially grateful to her. According to them, they could find help and protection from her if their rights were violated.

Not long ago, Podnosova came to the Leningrad Regional Court and, in her free time from work, took part in filming on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the court.

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