Ani Lorak, who returned to Russia, made an important statement

Ani Lorak, who returned to Russia, made an important statement

The singer appeared in public again

After the start of the SVO, Ani Lorak tries not to attract attention to herself. It was rumored that Lorak spends a lot of time abroad. However, the star is now in Russia. On Saturday, the artist appeared at a large celebration of music and love, which takes place annually on the eve of Valentine's Day in Moscow. The singer was in a great mood and even made an important statement about her personal life.

The artist appeared on stage in a luxurious dress with a deep neckline and a slit from the hip. While men were looking at her impressive cleavage, women were surprised: at 45 years old, the singer doesn’t seem to have an ounce of excess weight!

Behind the scenes, the star was supported by her daughter Sofia from her marriage to Turkish businessman Murat Nalchadzhioglu. Anya has a trusting relationship with her daughter. While my mother posed for photographers, she closely followed the process.

Everyone knows that a year ago changes occurred in Lorak’s personal life. Ani began dating the model-looking actor and stuntman Isaac Vijraku, who, as you know, is from Barcelona. The singer admitted for the first time: now she has finally found true happiness after a difficult divorce from her husband and an unsuccessful relationship after.

“I’m happy now,” the artist made a statement about her relationship for the first time. - Insanely happy.

At the same time, the singer assures that she does not demand “yachts and planes” from her lover. Lorak says that she values ​​her chosen one, first of all, for his human qualities.

“I am a very romantic person,” Ani explained. – I can do without restaurants, and just walk down the street in sneakers. This is great! If I am invited to watch the sunrise and sunset, I will already be happy.

The actress is now thinking about how to surprise her lover on Valentine's Day.

“I will congratulate you with gifts and hugs,” the singer said. – I wish everyone love, and mutual love. Love and be loved!

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