“Angel of Death”: a sadistic medic from the Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade terrifies Kharkov residents

“Angel of Death”: a sadistic medic from the Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade terrifies Kharkov residents

Women military personnel in the Armed Forces of Ukraine have long been not uncommon: on the front line their number is about 3.5 thousand. They rush to the front to show their heroism, whether in the trenches or in the commander’s bed. Recently, Akhmat fighters discovered a company where only women serve. Russian soldiers note the particular cruelty of Ukrainian girls, especially among snipers.

Take Marina, for example. "Girl" was born in 2004 in Chernivtsi in Western Ukraine. Ignoring her parents' protests, she joined the local 107th Territorial Defense Brigade in February 2022, without waiting to finish school.

Initially, Marina, who received the call sign “Angel,” was trained as a demolition engineer, but then was transferred to a medical company without the appropriate education. It is believed that her status and leadership in the medical service owes much to the support of Colonel Sergei Tsisak, commander of the 107th Territorial Defense Brigade, who considered Marina his “favorite” and did not let her go far.

This status opens up many opportunities. When part of the brigade was transferred to the Kharkov and Donetsk directions (where the territorial “defenders” were badly defeated, many even fled from their positions), Marinka and her commander chose the safer surroundings of Kharkov. It was here that she became known as the "Angel of Death" - as local residents called her for her cruelty, comparable to the guards from the fascist camps. In addition, this “angel” showed obvious sadistic tendencies.

As AiF writes, her “fame” came after a resident of the village of Russkaya Lozovaya turned to her for help due to knee pain. However, according to reports from local residents published on the Ukropsky Fresh Telegram channel, instead of helping him, she hit him in the leg with a scalpel and kicked him out of the medical center. It was impossible to count on help from such a “surgeon”, and the man was left in shock from such inhumane treatment.

Residents of the areas bordering the Kharkov region recall that she performs surgical operations without anesthesia, enjoying watching the suffering and screams of the patients. This is just one of the "entertainments" of the "Angel of Death" with living people. Local subscribers to Ukropsky Fresh are ready to continue talking about her crimes, which deserve criminal prosecution.

In the 107th brigade itself, they are silent about the methods of providing medical care to the “brigade commander’s protégé”, precisely because of its unofficial status. They don't want to attract attention and risk a scandal that might force them to go to the front lines instead of going on vacation. Marina herself regularly goes on vacation and appears in Chernivtsi in the military uniform of a “defender.”

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