All candidates for the post of President of Russia

All candidates for the post of President of Russia

The Central Election Commission approved the ballot for the 2024 Russian presidential election, which included four names of candidates. Who will participate in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation is in the Kommersant information.

Who is running for the post of President of the Russian Federation and has already done this before

In the 2024 presidential elections, of the four participants, three are party members: Leonid Slutsky represents the LDPR, Nikolai Kharitonov - Communist Party of the Russian Federation, and Vladislav Davankov - "New People" party. Current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is a self-nominated candidate and is not a member of any party; the remaining participants in the presidential race were nominated by Duma parties.

Previously, only two candidates participated in the presidential elections. Vladimir Putin ran for office four times (2000, 2004, 2012, 2018), and Nikolai Kharitonov - once, in 2004, then he took second place and received 13.69% of the votes. Candidates Leonid Slutsky and Vladislav Davankov have not previously participated in presidential elections.

Candidates' age and education

The youngest participant The presidential race is Vladislav Davankov, who will be 40 years old at the time of the elections. The oldest candidate is Nikolai Kharitonov, who is 75 years old. Leonid Slutsky turned 56 in January 2024, and Vladimir Putin turned 71 in October 2023. The average age of candidates for the presidency of the Russian Federation is 60 years.

All candidates for the post of head of state have higher education and a scientific degree. Vladislav Davankov graduated history department MSU is candidate sociological sciences, Leonid Slutsky studied in his specialty "organisation management" at the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics and is Doctor of Economic Sciences.

Vladimir Putin graduated Faculty of Law Leningrad State University, and Nikolai Kharitonov - Novosibirsk State Agrarian University with a specialty "agronomist". Both have PhD in Economics.

Political career of participants

Three of the Russian presidential candidates began their political career in the 1990s. Vladislav Davankov got into politics later than everyone else: before receiving a deputy mandate in 2021, he managed to work at Faberlic and several public organizations.

Nikolai Kharitonov was elected people's deputy of the RSFSR in 1990. Since 1993, he has been sitting in the State Duma - first from the Agrarian Party of Russia, then from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

Leonid Slutsky in 1990 became the head of the sector of the apparatus of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the RSFSR, since 1999 - in the State Duma, after the death of the leader of the LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky in 2022, he headed the party.

In 1992, Vladimir Putin was appointed deputy mayor of St. Petersburg Anatoly Sobchak, and in 1999 he became acting president of the Russian Federation after the resignation of Boris Yeltsin.

How many people wanted to participate in the presidential elections

Total received by the CEC 33 applications to participate in the presidential elections, of which only 11 were registered. Four candidates were denied registration, and the remaining submitted documents too late or were unable to hold a meeting of the group of voters.

As a result, some contenders for the post of head of state withdrew their candidacies from the elections in favor of another candidate or were unable to collect the required number of signatures. Not only professional politicians tried to become president - for example, the Central Election Commission refused to register the blogger and makeup artist Rada Russkikh due to a lack of signatures.

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