Alexander Lukin: We have earned the respect and recognition of the futsal world

Alexander Lukin: We have earned the respect and recognition of the futsal world

Forward "Torpedo U21" Alexander Lukin in an interview with a correspondent of "MK in Nizhny Novgorod" summed up the performance of the team from Nizhny Novgorod at the World Cup in Brazil.

1) How would you rate the performance of the team at the World Cup?

It is difficult to evaluate our performance at the World Cup, on the one hand we did not achieve our goals, because we wanted to win the tournament, setting ourselves the maximum tasks, and on the other hand, we earned the respect and recognition of the entire futsal world with our game. We had certain problems with which we could not cope, but otherwise there are no complaints about the team, everyone gave everything 100 percent.

2) "Torpedo U21" lost in two matches to teams from Brazil. Do they play differently?

This is a coincidence. The opponent in the group stage was weaker than the one with whom we played in the quarterfinals. The match at the group stage "broke" the removal of the goalkeeper, which became critical for us. We were unable to rebuild and lost, in my opinion, to a weaker opponent. I did not see anything special in their game, which I cannot say about "Magnus", the guys there are stronger and more trained.

3) How was the decision made that you would play in goal in the quarter-finals?

There was no big meeting or discussion on the topic of who will play at the gate. We needed a person who had at least some experience as a goalkeeper, so the choice fell on me, because, playing at a youth level, I spent several matches in goal.

4) What was the most difficult thing about playing as a goalkeeper?

Absolutely all elements of the goalkeeper's game are difficult to perform. You're always on the court and you can't afford to rest or take a breath, you have to keep an eye on the ball. The first matches after moving from the field to the position of the goalkeeper are always difficult. Usually in the first match people fail, and then they make conclusions and play better, it was the same with me in my youth.

5) Will you try again if the situation requires it?

Of course, if there is a chance to benefit the team, then you can try again. The experience of playing in goal at such a major international level has given me psychological confidence, next time I will feel more relaxed. Before the start of the tournament, I could not even imagine that I would have to play as a goalkeeper in a relegation match.

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