A passenger without a bra was removed from a flight

A passenger without a bra was removed from a flight


Lisa Archbold from the United States intends to pursue proceedings with Delta Air Lines due to the fact that she was kicked off the plane for not wearing a bra.

As reported by Business Insider, the girl explained that she was not naked, but was wearing a thin white T-shirt over her naked body. She was allowed on the plane from Salt Lake City to San Francisco without any questions, but then an airline employee escorted her out of the cabin, saying that her outfit was “offensive” and too “revealing.” The girl managed to change her shirt and was then allowed to return to the plane, but she claims she was “harassed and humiliated.”

“I wore the same clothes that any man could wear. I also have smaller breasts than many of the men on this flight. Where does Delta draw the line? — the passenger is perplexed.

Now she has hired lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented women who accused former US President Donald Trump of sexual harassment, and intends to meet with Delta President Glen Hauenstein to discuss changing the airline’s policy.


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