A health hour was held for the older generation of Serpukhov

A health hour was held for the older generation of Serpukhov

To maintain and improve health in old age, it is necessary to maintain an optimal work and rest schedule, monitor nutrition, maintain an active lifestyle, avoid bad habits and maintain a positive attitude towards life.

The staff of the Bolshevik library held an hour of useful advice “How to live a long time healthy and young”,

It should also be taken into account that such events not only promote health, but also open up new opportunities for communication and active pastime. After all, meetings and events for older people are not only useful, but also help to diversify their daily lives.

In addition, sharing experiences, gaining new knowledge and communicating with like-minded people at such meetings contributes not only to physical but also emotional well-being.

The participants learned a lot of interesting things about Qigong - the Chinese system of exercises. The first lesson contributed to the healing of the body and restoration of energy.

Positive emotions and new practices created a good mood and a desire for harmony. Tea drinking was a nice addition.

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