Vladimir Putin met with Serbian director Emir Kusturica – Kommersant

Vladimir Putin met with Serbian director Emir Kusturica – Kommersant


Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Serbian director, actor and musician Emir Kusturica. They discussed the director’s plans to make films in Russia, the era of colonialism and events in Ukraine. About it reports Kremlin press service.

The conversation was held in Russian, without translators. At the very beginning of the conversation, the director announced his imminent retirement. According to Mr. Kusturica, he would like to end his career by making several films based on the works of classics of Russian literature – Leo Tolstov, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Nikolai Gogol.

“As for retiring from my career, I think it’s too early to talk about it. You have done so much and, it seems to me, you will do no less. It’s not even a matter of merit, but of your talent and ability to penetrate to the essence of what you present,” Vladimir Putin responded to this. The head of state called the director’s idea to make films based on the works of Russian writers interesting.

The President also noted the similarity of the director’s assessments of world events with his own. According to him, this is especially true for the situation in Ukraine.

In an interview with TASS Emir Kusturica statedthat he wants to film the film “Engineer of Easy Walks” in Sochi. The film will tell the story of a young chimney sweep. Also director intends to film the film “Crime without Punishment,” which will combine the plots of two Dostoevsky novels, in Siberia and St. Petersburg.

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