Universities have “digitized” departments - Kommersant

Universities have “digitized” departments - Kommersant

As part of the “Digital Departments” project, university students will be able to obtain qualifications in an IT profile in addition to their main specialty. According to the Ministry of Education and Science, 119 universities participating in the Priority 2030 program have already opened “Digital Departments”. Within the framework of the project, 490 additional vocational training programs are being implemented for 110 thousand students. It is planned that in 2024 there will be twice as many.

Amendments to the government decree on the rules of the state program “Priority 2030” prepared by the Ministry of Education and Science provide for the introduction of a new characteristic of the result of the grant: the number of people who have completed free education in “digital departments”. It correlates with another result: students are provided with the opportunity to obtain additional qualifications in an IT profile through training at the “digital department,” says the explanatory note to the document.

It should be noted that in 2023, experts evaluated 874 programs prepared by universities - this work was organized by the Digital Economy ANO. More than 30% of the programs were criticized and were improved in partnership with IT companies. “Now there is a trend toward an intensive development of the education system, that is, it is necessary not so much to worry about the number of trained people, but about the quality of educational programs that would meet the needs of the labor market,” notes Sergei Plugotarenko, general director of the Digital Economy ANO.

Venera Petrova

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