This is a man's business - Style

This is a man's business - Style

“Kommersant Style” is about how and where to quickly refresh your appearance without spending much time.

Beauty Institute "Kiem"

What: Ultrasonic lifting

Principle of operation: Men are characterized by a deformational type of age-related changes, when, due to weakening of turgor and redistribution of fatty tissue, tissues sag, so-called jowls form, fatty tissue accumulates in the lower part of the face and under the chin, and nasolabial folds become more pronounced. “The most effective way to correct this state of affairs is ultrasonic SMAS lifting using the latest generation Ultraformer device with MPT (Micro-Pulsed Technology) technology,” explains Inna Sharypova, Ph.D., head of the Clinical Institute of Aesthetic Medicine. — The device perfectly stimulates the uniform production of a new collagen framework, works both in the skin and in the muscular aponeurotic layer, providing a circular tightening effect. Simultaneously with the rejuvenation of the tissues of the face and neck, the excess subcutaneous fat in problem areas is reduced.” The new Ultraformer works twice as fast and the procedure is painless. Another significant argument in favor of SMAS lifting for men is the complete lack of rehabilitation.

Beauty salons "MilleFey"

What: BBL + peeling prx-t33

Principle of operation: BBL Hero - a technique based on the impact of broadband light on the skin of the face and body allows not only rejuvenation at the cellular level, specifically affecting melanin and collagen, but also helps in the fight against acne, eliminating age spots, smoothing wrinkles and more. “Men love this procedure for its instant effect and lack of rehabilitation,” says salon cosmetologist Svetlana Vlasova. Peeling prx-t33 is a biorevitalizant (looks like a transparent serum) and, in combination with photorejuvenation, has a lifting effect, minimizes the visibility of pores and moisturizes the skin, leveling dehydration.

Beauty salon Comfort zone

What: procedure based on skin regimen cosmeceuticals “Urban Longevity” for everyone who is tired of city stress and struggling with a gray complexion.

Principle of operation: the procedure rejuvenates, renews the skin, stimulates metabolic processes at the cellular level. A peeling mask with AHA acids renews, evens out the relief and tone, stimulates, and booster serums solve a variety of problems of any skin. The treatment combines the benefits of cosmetics, anti-stress aroma mixture, Macrowave Sound and advanced massage techniques.

Clinic Dermavi

What: a set of procedures performed in combination - thermal RF lifting using a BTL device, photodynamic therapy and lymphatic drainage drip.

Principle of operation: the complex is suitable for men with a “tired” facial morphotype, prone to puffiness, as well as the formation of dark circles under the eyes due to stress and irregular work schedules. The chief physician of the clinic, Madina Magomedova, believes that such anti-aging therapy has many positive effects - it restores skin elasticity, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, tightens the oval of the face, gets rid of a double chin, and evens out facial skin tone.

Irina Kiriyenko

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