“The main thing is political expediency” – Kommersant FM

“The main thing is political expediency” – Kommersant FM


A delegation of the Taliban movement banned in Russia will take part in a representative forum in Kazan. Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that the issue of removing the organization from the list of terrorists is being studied, the final decision will be made by the country’s top leadership. Previously, representatives of the movement visited the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. Kommersant FM political commentator Dmitry Drize suggests considering the Taliban as another situational ally of Moscow.

A delegation of the Taliban terrorist movement, banned in Russia, which is now in power in Afghanistan, is coming to Kazan. It is expected that these representatives will take part in the “Russia – Islamic World” conference. There is little information on this matter; for example, among other things, cooperation on anti-terrorism is provided.

As is known, the Taliban have periodically held meetings with Russian high-ranking officials over the past few years. In particular, in 2022 they became almost the main stars of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. This event has never seen such outlandish guests before.

There is still no clear answer to the natural question of how all this fits with their banned terrorist status.

However, it is theoretically possible that they will still be removed from the blacklists. But so far no decision has been made on this matter, the issue is only being worked out. It is unclear how long this will take.

Meanwhile, all these reports about Moscow’s latest contacts with the Taliban are causing some caustic reactions from the unconstructive public. Not everyone understands the strategic meaning of communicating with them. There are opinions that this regime, so to speak, does not always meet generally accepted norms of human relations; rather, it is close to the Middle Ages. By the way, the supreme leader of the movement, Haibatullah Akhundzada, has just announced that Afghanistan may return to the public flogging of women and stoning to death for adultery. So it may seem that such measures do not add respectability to the Taliban movement ruling in the country.

Of course, the enemy newspaper The Guardian writes about this. You may not believe her, but something tells you that everything stated is close to the truth. But still, the Taliban are trying to prove that they are not terrorists, but completely legitimate representatives of the people, if only because they are really in power. Yes, they captured it, and no one chose them. But there is no one else to talk to. So we have to establish contacts, but how else?

Moreover, the ISIS Khorasan organization, banned in Russia, also took responsibility for the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall. The Taliban are its opponents today. It turns out that the regime in Afghanistan is our next situational, if not ally, then partner.

We are friends with Africa, with various Middle Eastern organizations, which are also controversial. The Taliban look quite harmonious in this company.

The main thing is not the image, but political expediency, real politics. Another question is what will be the output? What benefits will such a partnership bring to the Russian Federation and how much will it ultimately cost? Partnership, as we know, is never free. What should I add here? A multipolar world is not so easy to build; there are many difficulties along the way. But never mind, the one who walks will master the road.

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