Syrsky rushed to the front to stop the flight of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdeevka

Syrsky rushed to the front to stop the flight of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Avdeevka

Attack aircraft from the best Ukrainian brigade were destroyed at the Selidovo training ground

Under heavy fire from Russian troops, units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces began to leave their positions in small groups without permission in order to avoid being surrounded in Avdiivka. As Ukrainian information resources report, Syrsky urgently came to the front to stop panic. Meanwhile, the Russian Aerospace Forces managed to launch a pre-emptive strike at the Selidovo training ground, where reserves were being trained.

The Avdeevskoe direction remains the hottest area. For a week now, the Russian army has been using aerial bombs to level enemy fortifications along the entire line of contact; in addition, our artillery and rocket systems are at work. On the night of February 13 alone, the Aerospace Forces dropped more than 30 high-explosive bombs on Ukrainian Armed Forces positions and reserve supply routes.

It is reported that traffic in the center of Avdiivka, which connected the northern and southern parts of the Ukrainian Armed Forces group, has been completely stopped. Not a single car was seen there during the day. The enemy is now forced to rotate units along field roads through forest belts.

Since heavy equipment can no longer safely move between Avdiivka and Orlovka, the delivery of military cargo is provided by so-called “mosquito logistics” - non-armored pickup trucks. However, as experience shows, this technique did not previously help the enemy much, and in some cases, as analysts write, “it became the last nail in the coffin.”

The situation in Avdeevka is indirectly related to the destruction of the Selidovo training ground, which is west of the fortified area. A series of missile attacks were launched against it, as a result of which in just 20 minutes the enemy could lose up to 1.5 thousand military personnel, including “charged” contract soldiers. All of them were supposed to appear any day in Avdeevka. After the missile strike, the training ground was closed to exit and entry, and the SBU began searching for those who could report the location of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' concentration.

“Excellent work by local agents. This morning, during the formation of units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces intended for operations in Avdievka, an Iskander with a cluster warhead intervened at the most crucial moment of the celebration. And since more than a thousand people were present at the construction, it is not difficult to imagine the consequences. Later, another blow was struck,” wrote military expert Alexey Sukonkin.

Ukrainian channels report that the new commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Syrsky, allegedly went to the eastern front to personally lead the defense and stop panic in Avdeevka. Facts have been recorded when members of the Security Service leave their positions without permission to avoid being surrounded. As a rule, these are wounded and frostbitten military servicemen. Often groups of 5-10 people stray from the course and come to our positions.

The role of barrier detachments is played by specially brought in militants from Azov (recognized as a terrorist organization and is banned in Russia) and RDK (recognized as a terrorist organization and is banned in Russia). They, according to our soldiers, look after the “particularly violent ones” and “shoot at their own people without really thinking.” But the terrorist overseers, according to some sources, are in turn monitored by mercenaries who have no warm feelings either for the regular army of Ukraine or for the terrorist units.

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