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Carey Mulligan, Julia Garner, Selma Blair - more and more celebrities prefer short haircuts. "Kommersant Style" tells how different squares, pixies and millets can be.

Ripped bob or shaggy

A variation of the classic bob with interesting accents - tousled texture, cascade and layering. Torn bangs - optional. You can style this hairstyle in at least two different versions - with careless and slightly wrinkled curls or with smooth strands twisted up, like the star of the TV series "Wednesday" Jenna Ortega.

bubikopf or pixie

Even shorter, only a hedgehog. Bubikopf in Germany (or "boy's head" in German), aka pixie in Britain, became the most popular after the First World War, because she personified the freedom and strength of women.

Today, stylists create different interpretations of it, leaving more strands on the temples, neckline and forehead. One of the most interesting bubikopf options is worn by Jude Law's model and daughter, Iris Law. Thanks to the long bangs, you can create different accents - put it back in a wet style or twist the wave just like in the 20s of the last century.

You don't have to have straight hair to wear a pixie. More recently, such a haircut was demonstrated by the heroine of the Ozark series, Julia Garner, who naturally has small curls.


Short strands at the face and long strands at the back of the head - the mullet always looks contrasting and casual, giving the image a rock or grunge style. No wonder David Bowie loves her so much. This haircut is easy to style - it is enough to have any texturizer on the bathroom shelf to fix the hair in different directions as randomly as possible. Take a cue from actress Evangeline Lilly.

Straight cut square

This bob is ideal for owners of straight, thin and thick hair. Like Carey Mulligan, for example. This haircut grows beautifully and does not need styling. Nevertheless, she will endure any manipulation due to her unpretentiousness - you can try straightening with an iron, texturing, twisting curls or simply blow-drying, leaving your hair to lie naturally.


Garcon is a chameleon haircut. She is always different. It has audacity and French chic, and the image of actress Selma Blair is a confirmation of this. The hair is either combed back, or deliberately tousled, or falling down, and sometimes slightly twisted. The features of the garcon are a long bang coming from the back of the head. With long strands at the temples, this haircut can resemble a torn bob or page haircut.

Daria Bogomolova

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