Second day hairstyle – Style

Second day hairstyle – Style

“Kommersant Style” is about how to quickly style your hair with a minimum of money: you can take ballet experience as a model.

Immediately after the Barbie era, the time of “balletcore” came - pink shades are still with us, but it is not the poisonous “electric” that comes to the fore, but a powdery, muted one; comfortable ballet flats have remained popular for many seasons now, and now it’s time for ballet hairstyles. It seems that the theme of "The Nutcracker" is relevant today in all areas of our lives.

Who would suit a bun similar to what ballerinas wear during performances? It is considered to be a classic women's hairstyle because it suits almost everyone and is quite easy to do yourself. Oksana Dayan, a hair stylist at Mille Fey beauty salons, believes that a bun (or knot) is good for “second day” hair, since it implies a lack of volume at the roots and general “friability” of the hair. The specialist advises fixing it with dry or liquid varnish, spray wax, cream or gel - in a word, a product with any texture that fixes the hair. The height of the bun can vary - ballet classics imply its high position, but in everyday life it is still attached lower, almost at the collar; it depends on the structure and type of hair and the situation where this style is supposed to be worn.

Irina Kiriyenko

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