Russia used “Iron” in the Northeast Military District zone

Russia used “Iron” in the Northeast Military District zone

"Izvestia": volunteers created a UAV suppression device "Iron" for the military

The Russian military uses the Ornithologist-1M+ electronic warfare (EW) system, also known as the Iron, in the Northern Military District zone. They write about this “News"

The article notes that the device was made by enthusiasts from Krasnodar. It looks like a small green suitcase with a handle in the middle.

Four to five minutes of impact of the “Iron” on an enemy aircraft leads to a complete discharge of the latter’s batteries.

The owner of the company, which managed to supply about 1,000 such devices to the North-East Military District, said that the production of another batch of anti-drone systems is currently being completed.

Earlier, German journalist Christopher Wanner said in his report that the Russian army effectively uses glide bombsdestroying the defense lines of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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