Pugacheva and Agutin graced the spring chart with hits: Alla really started singing

Pugacheva and Agutin graced the spring chart with hits: Alla really started singing


Veterans have a new youth

The musical spring begins amicably and energetically. Just a month later, the half-frozen February chart turned into a flower garden with plants for every taste. Moreover, life is in full swing primarily in places where calm is expected.

The tragic background against which the new single “Nothing, Don’t Be Afraid of Anything” from the group “Picnic” was played not only gave their music a new meaning, but also placed the group in a topical context. It must be admitted that for many Edmund Shklyarsky and Co. were something of a relic from the eighties, but right now they are a group from which much is expected. Terrible times have always stimulated rockers to make powerful statements, and at the moment “Picnic” has the widest possible audience for this.

When in April last year Kristina Orbakaite topped the ZD song chart with the track “Alla Will Sing,” it seemed that this was just a cry from the heart. But in the end it turned out to be a story with a continuation, just a “warm-up”, as marketers now say. And then Alla really began to sing, and people immediately started talking. The conversations are generally expected. Is Pugacheva the same or not the same? Should she sing or is it better to rest? In general, an ordinary kitchen bazaar, which, with developed technologies, moved into public space, but at the same time remained a bazaar, philistine and stupid. However, there are millions of sane people who are still able to enjoy music. And for these millions, spring began with the voice of Pugacheva, which one can only rejoice at.

Another spring favorite is Leonid Agutin. And he again excites his fans with new songs, and also inspires various musical modernists. Cream Soda some time ago successfully launched “Pink Flamingo” by Alena Sviridova, and now they have rebooted “On the Lilac Moon”. At Agutinsky concerts, this song acts as a noisy stadium hit, which is sung by both old and young, and in the Cream Soda version it turned out to be a dancefloor enticement. As for Agutin in the original, the single “God Didn’t Ask About This” that preceded the release of the new album does not sound ballad-like loud and competes well with all sorts of fashionable collabs.

Among the latter, of course, are Navai and Macan. In the wake of the success of the duo HammAli & Navai, one of its members, Navai Zakirov, released a solo album with the ambitious title “Like Yesenin”. Of the nine tracks, six are joint, and Navai’s accomplices are a very motley company, in which Mona and Lyuba Uspenskaya found themselves next to rappers, including Macan. “Somewhere In the Depth of the Heart” the track is more than predictable, but obviously rocking, which, apparently, was expected from both Navai and Macan.

The chart could not do without the recently popular trick called “new old hit”. The track “Can I Am With You” was released a year ago, but only relatively recently the song hit the trends of various social networks and sounded literally everywhere. The intention of several platforms to block both the hit song and the artist’s page Ap$ent gave rise to even more passions. It has long been known that what they want to ban inflames the curiosity of the public to incredible proportions. As they say, the monitoring organizations doubted the reliability of the Belarusian musician Arseniy Kislyak hiding behind the Ap$ent sign. In 2022, he and his wife hastily relocated from Belarus, because the reasons for this were very typical for recent times. But the song remained and in the end created quite a stir.

In such a situation, I would, of course, want to understand what role words and music played directly in all this. There is a suspicion that it is not the most important one, although few doubt the sticky power of the chorus.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 29249 dated April 3, 2024

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New youth of veterans


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