Fedor Dobronravov started life from scratch on the set

Fedor Dobronravov started life from scratch on the set

The actor is busy in a comedy series

Fyodor Dobronravov again tried on the boring outfits of former city hall official Viktor Molodtsov. The other day, filming began for the new season of the TV series “Mastodon”, the main character of which will again do something about which he had no idea before.

During the filming of the episode with the feast, all the main stars of the comedy series gathered on the set. In addition to Fedor Dobronravov, Elena Yakovleva, Alexander Samoilenko, Dmitry Kharatyan, Mark Bogatyrev are in the frame. The main character of the project is a sixty-year-old man forced to radically change his life. In the first season, Molodtsov, in order to establish a relationship with his unexpectedly discovered adult daughter, gets a job in a department of the Ministry of Digital Development, without even the slightest computer skills.

This time, the hero of Fyodor Dobronravov will engage in the construction business, which he also knows nothing about. However, Molodtsov is driven not by a thirst for experiment, but by a desire to rescue his former love from prison. It so happened that the lady ran this business and became a victim of conspiracy.

It must be admitted that Fyodor Dobronravov is a little older than his hero and, most likely, recognizes modern technologies, because he is not only an actor, but also a producer. But what you can be absolutely sure of is the actor’s comedic talent. Fyodor Viktorovich’s filmography includes more than one hundred and fifty film works, and among them there are many famous comedies.

Published in the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" No. 29249 dated April 3, 2024

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