In the new album, Leonid Agutin shared disturbing thoughts

In the new album, Leonid Agutin shared disturbing thoughts


In the land of eternal summer, the sun hid behind the clouds

It is not so easy for Leonid Agutin to surprise his fans. With his career experience, it is almost impossible to convince the public that he has not yet composed or played something. Nevertheless, in the twelve songs of Agutin’s sixteenth album, “Everything is Not in Vain,” there was much more than one might expect.

Probably the most difficult thing for an experienced artist to write is a new hit that will be as popular as a hit that causes a nostalgic tsunami among the public. It’s hard to blame Agutin for the fact that he wrote his main hits back in the last century – his songs, recognizable from the first chords, were released in different decades, and they are still in the memory of fans.

It’s difficult to say how much the artist’s gold fund will be replenished with compositions from the new album. “God Didn’t Ask for This” is a composition that prevents the desire to jump to another track after the first chorus, which is typical for the modern style of music perception. A very emotional song, in which, however, there is nothing superfluous, but for wild success in the charts, it is, frankly, a little dark. And the muted passions in this album became something of a middle line. It was as if in the land of eternal summer the sun suddenly hid behind the clouds.

However, calling “Everything Is Not in Vain” a sad album would not be entirely correct. Leonid Agutin, as befits a man over fifty (at least those of them who are able to more or less soberly assess what is happening), looks at the world without much joy, but without falling into depression either. One can assume that he is one of those who is able to distinguish true values ​​from so-called traditional ones, and this understanding helps to select adequate words.

On the one hand, there is “a hundred devils and silence with a scythe” (“Say At least Something”) and “while they were striving for the will, they handed over their appearances and passwords” (“God Didn’t Ask for This”). But at the same time, “life is so beautiful if you call a pianist” (“God, Forgive”). In the middle there are very touching and not at all banal love lyrics (“I miss”) and even something like a joke (“Show-off”). In the latter, the hero of the song is ready to exchange “Gucci” and “Dolce” for music and youth. A move from films like “What Men Talk About,” and for Agutin it’s a little simple, but when Gosha Kutsenko and Mikhail Politseymako, who appeared on the recording and clearly sing with their souls, get involved, adult self-irony is built.

If we delve deeper into the sound and arrangements, then everything here is approximately as Agutin’s fan army would probably like. There is a hello to the nineties in the form of the track “Marina” (they say the song was recorded to order, but it was this song that surprisingly gave impetus to the entire album), and booming pop rock (“I am 225 Years Old” was created as a soundtrack to the film “Eugene Onegin” , but there is much less routine in it than is obtained with such introductory ones), and a sea of ​​exoticism (“Everything is Not in Vain”, “The Sky Falls into Hands”). True, when comparing holiday anthems from the previous release “Turn on the Lights” (2021) with those written under a completely different information background, you can’t help but catch yourself thinking that some kind of buzzkiller has come to the summer carnival, from whose mine the music dims and the music sours. cocktails.

The album ends with the track “To Who You Are” – a sad and at the same time uplifting look at what the people’s favorite is destined to endure and how not to go crazy. An essay on an eternal theme that suddenly turned out to be extremely modern. And in a situation where an artist, who seems to no longer have to commit himself to new songs, much less albums, suddenly reflects on this topic and draws certain conclusions, there is no reason to worry about the author’s sanity. This is perhaps the best news.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 29249 dated April 3, 2024

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Breakaway in Agutinsky style


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