Prices for individual New Year cakes have become known: up to one million

Prices for individual New Year cakes have become known: up to one million

You can decorate the New Year in your home or office not only with a Christmas tree, Olivier salad and tangerines, but also with a fabulous New Year’s cake. Fortunately, now the choice is huge, you can order a confectionery masterpiece for every taste from both private confectioners and large factories, their prices do not differ too much. MK spoke with cake makers about the specifics of New Year's orders for culinary products and how much they will cost Russians.

The “Kremlin Christmas tree” cake, which we found at a Moscow confectionery house, is indeed a masterpiece cake, the creation of which requires the filigree work of a pastry chef. Price: 300,000 rubles. impressive. However, this is for a weight of 66 kg, that is, the product is intended for large companies or work teams.

Having studied the prices of New Year's culinary masterpieces, we realized that not everyone can afford to order an individual cake for the New Year. One, depicting New Year's balls and candles, will cost 6,100 per 1 kg; there are inexpensive ones for 1,900 per 1 kg. There are cakes that are not made in light weight. For example, a complex cake decorated with Christmas tree and nutcracker figures costs 3,000 rubles. for 1 kg, but they can only make it weighing from 35 kg, so it will cost 105,000 rubles. As we calculated, an average New Year's cake weighing 5 kg - not the most complex - will cost the customer 15,000 rubles. For example, it will be a New Year tree with figures of bunnies and gifts around it. Cost 15,000 rub. consists of the price of a cake for 1 kg (RUB 2,100 x 5 kg) and additional decorations for RUB 4,500.

“The price of 1 kg depends on the complexity of the design,” manager Anna from the capital’s confectionery house told MK. – New Year’s cakes are ordered for different dates, it all depends on when you eat them. We already have corporate and private orders for December. The most expensive corporate cake can cost up to RUB 1,000,000. It all depends on your wishes. As for the “Kremlin Christmas tree” cake, which you are interested in, it will not be possible to make it less than 66 kg as in the picture. But larger sizes are easy to do.

Prices from large confectionery houses and from private owners are approximately the same. Cake maker Tatyana from Domodedovo, with whom we talked, did not remember any unusual orders for the New Year - the New Year theme continues from year to year, it’s all the same Christmas trees, New Year’s toys, bunnies, balls...

“December is usually the busiest month - gingerbread, cookies, cakes,” says Tatyana. – Registration for the New Year is planned in advance; Those who need a cake make an appointment two to three weeks in advance. On December 30 and 31 I issue New Year's orders. The price of the cake depends on the decoration and filling. There are more individual orders, but there are also corporate orders. Last year, for example, the most expensive New Year's cake cost me 12,000 rubles; it was a corporate order, weighing 5 kg. Since it was the Year of the Rabbit, it was decorated with a large picture of a rabbit, and the edges were decorated with New Year's toys and chocolate figures.

To understand how much confectioners’ productivity increases on New Year’s Eve, let’s give an example: if Tatyana usually bakes 6-7 cakes a week, then after December 25 – 2-3 cakes a day. You will be able to earn more. However, the confectioner admitted that it has now become more difficult to work in the confectionery business, “prices have risen very much, but it’s impossible to raise prices for finished products - people are already so expensive.” According to her, this year there are generally fewer orders than last year.

But Kristina Ogurtsova, who makes confectionery for friends, said from her experience that cakes are not very relevant for the New Year:

– People want something more specifically festive, in New Year’s packaging, so for example, I started studying Christmas baked goods: German stollen, Italian pandoros, cupcakes, cookies, there is already a demand for them! And I'll start accepting orders soon. I can’t tell you the price yet, I haven’t calculated exactly yet, but approximately the stollen will cost 1500-2000 rubles. On average, my cakes cost 1500-3000 rubles per kg. The price depends on the cost of products, cake coating (for example, chocolate coating is much more expensive than cream cheese), and also depends on the decor (berries, especially in winter, are very expensive).

“Every confectioner chooses the product on which he works,” confectioner Yana from Krasnodar shared with us. – Therefore, the price depends on the quality of the products included in the dessert. There is, for example, chocolate for 800 rubles, and there is for 1,500 rubles. The same can be said about cream, which has different prices depending on the manufacturer.

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