Peskov explained why Putin comes to the Kremlin in the evenings – Kommersant

Peskov explained why Putin comes to the Kremlin in the evenings – Kommersant


Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that Vladimir Putin sometimes prefers to come to the Kremlin in the evenings. There is nothing urgent about such late trips, the president simply does not like to create discomfort on the roads during rush hour, Mr. Peskov explained. The day before, March 31, a number of media outlets and Telegram channels reported about Mr. Putin’s arrival in the Kremlin late in the evening – around 23:00 Moscow time.

“I had a lot of questions, yesterday they reported on the Internet that Putin arrived in the Kremlin in the evening. He actually does that sometimes. Because when the Kremlin schedule (the next day.— “Ъ”), and today the Kremlin schedule, he prefers (to come.— “Ъ”) in the evening, when traffic is not so heavy, so as not to create unnecessary discomfort for motorists during rush hour,” said Dmitry Peskov.

The press secretary added that today, April 1, the president does not have any major events planned, only ordinary work meetings and conferences.

Mr. Peskov also reported, that Vladimir Putin has already been informed about the termination of the rescue operation in the Pioneer mine in the Amur Region, in which 13 miners have been trapped under rubble since March 18. The operation was completed due to the danger of another collapse in the mine.

Read more about the criminal case regarding the incident at the mine in the material “”Pioneer” is ready for business”.

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