NSPK: Mir cards continue to work in Turkey

NSPK: Mir cards continue to work in Turkey

Vladimir Komlev, CEO of the National Payment Card System (NSPK; operator of the Mir system), said that fears about the work of Mir in foreign countries are exaggerated. According to him, in Turkey, where the situation is “the most painful”, only two out of five partner banks refused to cooperate with Mir.

“Three banks continue to operate to varying degrees. Someone also works with cards of Russian sanctions banks. We continue to see more than two-thirds of the turnover both in terms of the number of transactions and in terms of volume from that which was during the peak period in this direction (in Turkey.— "b"),” said Mr. Komlev during the forum of the Association of Banks of Russia (quote from Interfax). At the same time, he admitted that the citizens of Russia really had problems with the cards of the system from Turkey.

“For the rest of the countries, there are no changes at all,” the general director of the NSPK concluded, mentioning that the Vietnamese BIDV also refused to cooperate with Mir.

September 15 US Treasury notified global financial organizations that cooperation with Mir can be regarded as support for Russia's evasion of Western sanctions. Vladimir Komlev was also added to the SDN list of the US Treasury.

About the situation with the "Mir" - "The World Rejects the World".

Andrey Sapozhnikov

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